Floors and a giveaway!

The past week has been a little busy around our house to say the least.   We had carpet in most of house but we decided that this year we would go ahead and ditch the carpet and put in laminate wood flooring in our living room, hallway and both kids bedrooms.   It has been a bit of a undertaking for sure.  First the prep work had to be done.   We had to move all the furniture, well scratch that all the toys, out of the living room into the dining room, then up came the carpet and padding, tack strips, and baseboards.   My 4 yr old twins have bad allergies, and some breathing issues from the underlying crud that was under padding when we started rolling up the carpet.  Then me and the kids have had to stay out of the house during the laying of the floor, because well lets face it, two 4 yr olds and a 10 month old aren’t the greatest helpers!  To say that my house is a little trashed is an understatement.  But it is getting done.  The floor in the living room has been laid and the rest of the hallway will be done tonight.  This weekend it is on to the bedrooms and more moving around.

So, I am taking a break from all the craziness that is surrounding my house right now and figured that I could post about something more fun, and work on my shop some!  Mustaches!

Who doesn’t love mustaches?  I know it is super cute on almost everything from wine glasses, to flip flips, coffee mugs, to baby bibs.  I also may or may not be planning on doing a potty party for my youngest, who is not even 11 months old yet, in a mustache theme.  This is tons of ideas on Pinterest as well.

Of course this blanket is one of my favorite items that I offer in my shop right now.

Minky Mustache Blanket


And lets not forget this little cutie either

Mustache Onesie


These pacifier clips are going to be on sale on the site very soon but you can get them on Facebook now if you have to have them now for $7.  They are made with CPSIA certified lead free plastic clips so you don’t have to worry about your baby or little one putting the clip in their mouth.  The ends are attached with stretchy elastic so they can attach to any paci, including soothies.

Mustache Paci Clips

I will tell you that the creative juices are flowing with all the things mustaches can be added to, carrier drool pads, burp rags and of course bibs!  With all the creating of new projects there are bound to me mess ups and mistakes.  So my mistakes are going to be a benefit for you.  I am giving away this seconds quality mustache bib away.  And depending on how many likes and shares there are on the giveaway post on Facebook found here, there may be more than one winner!  For every 15 combinations of likes and shares that it gets I will add another winner to the giveaway!  So for example, if there are 1o likes and 5 shares I will add another winner.  If there are 20 likes and 12 shares I will add 2 winners, for a total of 3 winners in all.

Grey Mustache Bib

Again the bib is a seconds quality so not quite perfect.  The grey fabric that I bought didn’t wash up and nicely as I would have liked and it is slightly faded in some areas.  It is still VERY cute, but it isn’t up to my standards either.  There might be some other slight imperfections as well since it was the first one that I created.

Enter for your chance to win below.  Giveaway ends next week!

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Written by Kari

My name is Kari, and I am a stay at home mom to 3. Identical twin 3yr old girls and our son who was born in March. I always loved to craft growing up, and I also learned how to sew as well. Many, many years passed, and then after the birth of my daughters really started sewing again. I have been sewing, crafting ever since. I enjoy photography, camping, and enjoy spending time with my family. I hope that you enjoy my products, from my home – to yours.


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